In addition to our hydrotherapy spa, TheraPlate and equine treadmill, we also have the below equipment and facilities available at Manor Farm:

All-Weather Surface Outdoor Arena:

We are very proud of our multi-purpose, fully flood lit arena, which integrates cross country steps and a water complex. The top platform offers a designated lunging area and the arena is fitted with training mirrors to offer an aid for visual feedback. There are a range of flagged, portable cross country fences and show jumps available too, should you wish to make use of them.

Grass Surface Dressage and Jumping Arena:

During the Spring and Summer months, we have a large open space, perfect for pre-competition prep. Simulate show days, so you and your horse are confident and prepared ahead of the big day. Dressage white boards, portable XC fences, rustic hunter-style fences and show jumps are all set out for your training.

Clinics and Coaching:

UKCC Level Two Coach and Equine Massage Therapist, Ann White is available for individual or group coaching at Manor Farm. We also host regular clinics with some of the countries leading riders in their disciplines. Keep an eye out for these, as spaces fill up fast!

Solarium and Wash Box:

Perfect for competition prep or unwinding after a training session. Coin-operated hot shower and infrared lights, proven to improve circulation and quickly dispose lactic acid, vastly improving the horses performance.

Weigh Bridge:

Upon arrival each horse is weighed so that we can maintain a good weigh or ensure they are gaining condition, where required. The horse steps onto an inviting green platform, designed to look like grass and their weight is displayed digitally on the wall.