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We offer a range of cutting-edge treatments and therapies to aid recovery and performance.

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Bespoke packages for competition, sales, breaking and rehabilitation livery. Spaces are limited, so please enquire for availability!

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We work hand-in-hand with leading professionals in the industry, both in and out of the saddle, to ensure you and your horse receive the best care.

Rehabilitation Facility Prices

Theraplate - £20.00 per session
Hydrotherapy Spa - £35.00 per session
Equine Treadmill - £20.00 per session
Combination Therapy (Theraplate/Treadmill/Hydrotherapy Spa) - £45.00
Stabling Facilities - £25.00 per horse, per day

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About Us

Manor Farm is home to premium equestrian stables and rehabilitation facilities in the heart of South Yorkshire. We offer exceptional equine care and state-of-the-art facilities, including cutting edge treatments and therapies to aid recovery and performance. We’re particularly proud of our on-site Theraplate, hydrotherapy spa and equine treadmill, allowing us to offer bespoke rehabilitation, convalescence care and livery packages, with a range of benefits.

Previous cases

Here at Manor Farm, we aren't just looking for a quick fix. We work with vets, farriers, medical professionals and owners to establish long-term goals and design bespoke plans to achieve these.


Right fore navicular bursoscopy following MRI diagnosis of a tear of the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT) and suspected granuloma formation within the bursa.

16th August - Carlton arrived with us for initial assessment, as he was presenting lame.

30th August - Nerve clock and x-rays taken. He was referred to Rainbows.

4th September - MRI and diagnostic imaging gives a diagnosis. Right fore navicular bursoscopy following MRI diagnosis of a tear of the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT) and suspected granuloma formation within the bursa.

16th September - Undergoes surgery at Rainbows. Evidence of cartilage erosion and fibrillation of the DDFT. Stem cell injections into the Navicular Bursa recommended to stimulate healing process in conjunction with remedial farrier work and rest. Poor long term prognosis for return to work and maintenance of soundness.

10th October - First set of remedial shoes.

30th October - Assessment at Rainbows. Returns home with instructions to continue hydrotherapy, Theraplate and hand walking for 8 weeks.

28th February - 2nd post-op assessment. Carlton is SOUND!!!!!

Ann made a plan to introduce ridden walking work into his rehab plan, alongside his regular hydrotherapy and Theraplate sessions.

6th March - First time back onboard!

23rd March - First day in the field since August.

7th April - First time back in the arena under saddle since his injury.

We’re so proud of this guy and cannot wait to see his progression over the coming weeks and months.



Kissing Spines

We love hearing how our rehab patients progress on their road to recovery once returning home! Temple is an 11 year old thoroughbred gelding and here’s his story:

April 2017 - Temple was brought home by his new owner.

April 2019 - The pair had an uncharacteristic fall in the yard as his owner was trying to mount and she really lost her confidence.

July 2019 - She was then shocked when he was diagnosed with kissing spine. It was decided he should undergo two lots of surgery, as the back was affected from withers down to his SI region.

August 2019 - First surgery.

September 2019 - Second surgery.

October 2019 - Temple returned home to recover, but with a young baby at home, his owner found juggling work, motherhood and rehab incredibly tough.

January 2020 - The prognosis wasn’t great and it was suggested Temple be turned away on retirement livery. His owner wanted to give him the best shot at recovery, but was also worried about progressing with his rehab after their fall the previous year.

24th February 2020 - Temple arrived at Manor Farm and weighed in at 540kg. He was steadily introduced to the Theraplate and treadmill. The Theraplate improves blood circulation and replenishes muscles with fresh blood flow to increase speed of development and the treadmill assisted with muscle tone and cardio. Ann palpated his superficial muscles daily to monitor changes and alter the rehab plan accordingly. It also helped prevent reoccurring soreness in his thoracic and lumbar region.

2nd March 2020 - Temple really got into the swing of things in week two and was using the Theraplate three times per day. An increased tempo on the treadmill saw him gain 8kg.

5th March 2020 - He saw the physio and was given a big thumbs up to progress with his programme.

9th March - By the third week, Temple weighed 550kg and had strengthened greatly, both mentally and physically. Long lining and use of the equiband were incorporated to strengthen his abdominal region. This week also saw him hit several key milestones:
Carrot stretch laterally.
Sternum lift reps.
Backward steps evenly.
Lateral cross-over steps.

4th March - Saddle was reintroduced and it was like he’d never been without it!! Such a dude!

16th March - By week four, Temple weighed 558kg and we began working with his owner on a plan to confidently continue his rehab from home. Ann had really built a bond with this guy and decided the time had come to get a rider onboard again. He loved it and was an absolute dream, which only boosted his owners confidence more before returning home with a stringent plan to follow for success.

Since returning home, Temple has had his shoes refitted and continued his long reining and exercise programme outlined by Ann. We are also delighted that the pair headed out on their first short hack over the Easter weekend - A huge step for both of them! We cannot wait to see how they progress over the coming weeks and months!



Strengthening programme following an operation on both hind suspensory ligaments

King Keiro arrived at Manor Farm in July, just nine months after having had both hind suspensory ligaments operated on, following investigation into lameness and poor performance.
After initial assessment, Ann formulated a meticulous rehab programme for him to follow. His owner Danielle isn’t so local to us, but had followed us on Facebook and enquired on how we could help build this super boy back up.
She was keen for Keiro to improve his fitness and stamina, but he also presented with a vast amount of muscle asymmetry in his quarters, which she didn’t want to increase his risk of re-injury. He struggled to maintain his canter, found it difficult to strike off on the correct canter lead and had begun charging into his fences, as he wasn’t strong enough to cope with his work.
Along with regular massage, Keiro’s daily plan involved a combination of Theraplate and treadmill, which increased in intensity as he strengthened.
We then incorporated the Equiband to encourage straightness and he followed a strict aerobic pole exercise plan in hand to get his glutes back in business. Two Theraplate, two treadmill and two trips out long lining, with the structured aerobic plan every day saw this lad come on leaps and bounds whilst with us.
Towards the end of his stay, his owner popped in regularly for coaching sessions with Ann to work on straightness, impulsion and confidence. He was schooled on the flat by our super girls here too in between lessons.
After leaving us, looking a million dollars, he went straight to camp and his fun-filled schedule came up thick and fast. He took part and looked the amazing in our Lydia Hannon XC clinic, headed on holiday with his pals, hitting the beach and having great fun and is now preparing for his British Eventing debut.
We love this little guys story and it is made even more special, as he was adopted from Bransby five years ago. His owner gave him second chance of a forever happy home, as he had been passed around in his junior years, but now he is fixed and feeling better than ever, he can live the life he truly deserves!



Weakened suspensory ligaments

This lovely lad is a perfect example of preventing a problem before you have to cure it!
At five, Kiwi is the perfect all-rounder and was purchased to do a bit of show jumping, cross country, dressage, hacking and local showing.
After showing signs of discomfort when jumping, he was checked over by the vets, who suggested he had weakened suspensory ligaments.
His owners decided to send him to Manor Farm for a six week strengthening programme, rather than risk a more sinister injury if he kept up his usual workload with a weakness.
This consisted of Theraplate and Treadmill combined treatments, three times daily for the initial four weeks. The intensity and duration of sessions was gradually increased and this lovely lad responded brilliantly.
He also had a stretch schedule, to further strengthen his neck, limbs and back.
The last couple of weeks, one of his treadmill sessions was replaced by a hack three times per week.
Since returning home, Kiwi has continued his hacking and stretching schedule, set out by Ann. He has been checked by the vet and received the all clear to start doing the faster-paced jobs he loves again.
Another brucey bonus is that whilst with us, Kiwi also went through extensive loading training. Little Kiwi is super in almost every way, but was not a fan of putting his hooves on wheels. He’s now a loading pro, which makes it all the more exciting for when he is back fully fit and ready to hit the competition ring.
We look forward to welcoming him back for coaching soon and can’t wait to see him and his owner out competing!!



Kissing Spine Surgery

Wills spent four months with us at the beginning of 2021, following kissing spine surgery.
He came straight to Manor Farm following discharge from Hird and Partners Vets. With us, he completed his period of box rest, had his wound cared for, staples taken out and then started hand walking. He completed the vast majority of his rehab here, being reintroduced to turnout, gradually in our turnout paddocks and starting ground work.
After a huge thumbs up from the vets, he returned home, where his owner continued to follow his rehabilitation plan. Fast forward to November 2021 and Willie has received a final sign off for the vet and green light to continue under saddle, as he would have without this injury!



Strained hind suspensory branch and fractured fetlock

Bello arrived with us very lame, after an unfortunate fall in the field. She was unable to weight bear on her off hind limb and an x-ray revealed severely strained suspensory branches and a slight crack to her fetlock.
She stayed with us for a couple of months on box rest, with daily combination therapy of Theraplate and hydrotherapy spa. After this, she was reintroduced to turnout in our rehab paddocks and remained with us on rehab livery, until the vet gave her the go-ahead as sound and ready to return home!

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